The history of Yemeni coffee

Yemeni coffee

According to legend, the coffee plant was founded 1000 years ago, discovered in what is now Ethiopia, but the Yemenis were the first in the 14th century who plant the coffee tree, perceive the peculiarity of the beans as a medicine and thus discover the preparation of a new drink. They introduced coffee as a commodity and shipped it from the famous Yemeni port maḫā (mocha) all over the world. Since the 15th century, Yemen has played a prominent global role in the trade of coffee.

The old Yemenis regarded coffee as the most important agricultural crop to sustain their livelihood. This established Yemen as one of the most important countries in coffee cultivation and trade. Therefore, the crop growing and trade of Yemeni coffee are closely linked to the history of the country and from here began its march around the world.