Export Yemeni Coffee

Where did the idea of exporting Yemeni coffee to Europe and the world come from?

In February 2019, I worked at a bistro owned by the company Miniatur Wunderland in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg to finance my studies at the University of Hamburg. There was a coffee roasting facility nearby where I had my coffee after work. One day I asked the seller if the coffee roasting facility had Yemeni coffee because I was longing for Yemeni coffee. The seller's answer was: "No, unfortunately we don't have any Yemeni coffee, but I've heard a lot about the historic roots of coffee coming from Yemen". Back then I was studying history, languages, and cultures of the Middle East at the university and I knew exactly what the seller was talking about. In addition, my family has been involved in coffee growing and trading in Yemen for a long time.

On the same day, I called my brother Muhammad in Yemen and said the following: "We will work on exporting Yemeni coffee to all countries in the world and tell the world about the history of Yemeni coffee and its origins." So, we started with the concept of reviving the history of Yemeni coffee and creating a new competitive position for Yemeni coffee on the global market. While there are different types and competitive prices for coffee from all over the world, Yemeni coffee (mocha) has an unparalleled quality, original aroma, fantastic special taste and unique history. We have spent days, weeks and years realizing our dream together and establishing Dohaim Coffee and export of local products.